PT. Indonesia Magma Chain’s 31th Anniversary Event

It’s been thirty one years, PT. Indonesia Magma Chain is here to meet the needs of our loyal clients. Since our founding on November 14, 1983, we have traveled a steep and winding road to get to where we are today. Therefore, the celebration of the 31st Anniversary of PT. The Indonesian Magma Chain feels so special.

The birthday celebration event starts at 10.00 in Banjarnegara. After the event was opened, the President Director of PT. Indonesia Magma Chain, Ir. S Maruli Pohan conveyed a few words to the employees. Mr. Maruli Pohan revealed that the company’s success cannot be separated from the contribution of all employees. He hopes that IMC can grow and develop into the best Manufacturing
company in Indonesia and Abroad.

After the welcoming celebration was over, it was followed by the awarding of 5 years, as a form of
appreciation to the employees of PT. Indonesia Magma Chain with their years of service that have given
success to the company and continued with all employees enjoying holidays to commemorate the
Birthday of PT. Indonesia Magma Chain.


PT. Indonesia Magma Chain’s 31th Anniversary Event

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