PT. Indonesia Magma Chain’s 30th Anniversary Event

PT Indonesia Magma Chain, celebrated its 30th anniversary in a simple way. This event is more of a gratitude to God Almighty because His grace always accompanies the company step by step until it reaches the age of 30 years. In addition, companies that are rising up need big steps in achieving them to reach an excellent company. A fundamental transformation of corporate culture is also needed to change the mindset and performance of employees so that the target achievement process can run according to the expected goals.

This birthday celebration was enlivened by a series of events held at the end of October at the Bali Island. Holiday and
Commemoration event as well as giving awards to employees who have worked for 5 years or more precisely in multiples of 5.
The event on the island of Bali lasted for 2 days, from October 25 to October 27, 2013, and ended with an entertainment program
featuring several entertainments, as well as performances. several employees of PT. Indonesia Magma Chain which contributed several appearances.

It is hoped that the commemoration of the anniversary that has passed the thirty mark can be a starting point to become a company with a much better performance than before, can improve employee welfare, customer satisfaction and ultimately stay on track to become the best manufacturing company engaged in the business sector. chain manufacture for industrial use.


PT. Indonesia Magma Chain’s 30th Anniversary Event

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